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Board of Directors

Made up of 7 resident volunteers, the Board of directors is elected every 2 to 3 years. Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of every month at the Community Center. 

  • How do I get in contact with the Board of Directors and how do I view information about the Board, interact with the Board, and view Minutes of Meetings and view other Association documents?

  • Response: The Southern Walk Board of Directors holds monthly business meetings at the Broadlands Community Center on Waxpool Rd. The meetings are typically the fourth Monday of each month, and the dates and times are published on the Broadlands HOA calendar on the Broadlands website, announced in the Southern Walk Announcements section of the Broadbands HOA Web Forums, and also announced on the FirstService website for the Southern Walk HOA. Meetings typically start at 7 p.m., and the first 30 minutes is reserved for homeowner concerns and questions. The annual meeting is usually held in late October; the purpose of the Annual Meeting is to review the operations of the Association and elect Board Members.

    • To view late-breaking announcements: subscribe to and “watch” the Southern Walk Announcements section of the Broadlands HOA Forums and look for content posted by “SWHOA Admin”.

    • To receive emails from Laura Goguet, Community Manager, with FirstService Residential: subscribe to the Southern Walk Website built by FSR at or contact FSR directly  by phone at 703-385-1133 with your name, Southern Walk account number, and email address. 

    • To view community documents: subscribe to and search the documents at: 

  • I need to speak with the Southern Walk Board of Directors now!

  • Response: For urgent time-sensitive matters, it’s best to contact First Services Residential (FSR) at  703-385-1133 with your name, Southern Walk account number, and email address.  FSR will notify the Board immediately. Otherwise, the Southern Walk Board of Directors meets monthly as stated above. Please refer to the attached table to help you decide whether Ms. Goguet is the appropriate point of contact for you.

The Southern Walk Board of Directors looks forward to seeing you at a future Board meeting

Southern Walk Board of Directors



Vice President



Additional Details

On Friday, July 20, 2018, the Southern Walk and OpenBand completed a thirty-nine month transition period, following the termination of the OpenBand long-term exclusive telecommunications services arrangement, by paying OpenBand a negotiated option exercise price through a third party escrow. The payment to OpenBand triggered the removal of all exclusivity for telecommunications services delivery in the Southern Walk and also resulted in the following:

  • OpenBand retains the non-exclusive right to remain in the Southern Walk as a utility provider perpetually

  • Amends the blanket easements conveyed to OpenBand in 2001 to alternate fixed-length/width utility easements and recorded in them in the Loudoun County land records;

  • Conveys any remaining “reserved easement rights” to the Southern Walk for the purposes of executing the amended easements.

  • Provided the opportunity for the Southern Walk to select additional telecommunications providers in the neighborhood.

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